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Licensed speech therapist, voice and communication coach DBVC, psychological organization consultant, DBVC. Private practice in Gräfelfing near Munich since 1992

I enjoy being with my large family. Since my four grown-up daughters each go their own way by now, I have more time for my hobbies again: I love being in the mountains at nearly every time of the year. I listen to and make music myself with great enthusiasm. I also enjoy reading, am interested in art and in intense discussions of new and inspiring ideas with my partner, friends and family.

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Voice formation and voice therapy
  • Target groups: Speakers, lay and semi-professional singers
Coaching and training
  • Voice: speaking and singing voice, voice in the professional setting
  • Communication: communication in teams and organizations, conflict communication
  • Gender communication: gender specifics in voice and communication, women in professions for women and mixed groups
  • Presentation and appearance: presence training, leadership presence 
  • Moderation
  • Target groups: executive managers, people in leading functions, management consultants, trainers, coaches, therapists, women and men in "mixed" teams, organizations and companies


  • Fluent in German and English 
  • basic knowledge of French and Italian 




Work experience

Speech therapy
  • Speech therapy trainee in Munich, Freiburg
    and London, GB
  • Speech therapy focusing on speaking voice, singing voice, (children's) language
  • Diagnosis of speech developmental disorders
  • Founder and developer of a speech therapy practice with several staff members
  • Practice management and in-house supervision
  • External supervision
Coaching, consulting and training
  • Coaching and training for voice, communication, moderation, presentation
  • Presence training for business people and management consultants (international)
  • Team coaching with a focus on communication
  • Gender communication training for women and mixed groups
  • Coaching and training for women in business
  • Establishing and managing a coaching cooperation
And beyond
  • Development of the concept PerSona
  • Development of the concepts:"leading in consistence with one's voice" and "presenting in consistence
    with one's voice"
  • Founder member of the Hephaistos network of the psychological management of consultants/coaches
  • Member of the international network of voice trainers,



  • Training of the singing voice during school
  • 1984 – 87 licensed speech therapist
  • 2002 – 2005 psychological management consultant/coach, Hephaistos Coaching Centre, Munich (DBVC), K. Eidenschink, K. Horn-Heine 
    Continuous supervision at the Hephaistos Centre

Further training

  • Personal, functional and manual speech therapy
  • Breathing therapy
  • Language, speech techniques, rhetoric
  • Supervision
  • Drama
  • Education, psychology
  • Gestalt therapy, transaction analysis, systemic work, NLP, Feldenkrais, kinesiology, depth psychology and behavior therapy concerning issues like burn-out, depression, addiction, anxiety disorders
  • Moderation, conflict moderation

Articles & Lectures


  • Bewertung der Stimmqualität: Was bringt ein Stimmcoaching dem Unternehmen, BSO CH – 01/2006 (Translation: Evaluating the quality of the voice: How can a company benefit from voice coaching?)
  • Die stimmige Beziehung im Coaching, BSO CH – 01/ 2009 (Translation: The consistent relationship in coaching)
  • Gender Communication: „Der kleine sprachliche Unterschied“ (Publikation in Vorbereitung) ( Tr: Gender Communication:"The small difference in language". Publication in progress)


Regular lectures in German and English on the following topics:

  • Voice/voice and communication in leadership
  • Communication/gender communication
  • Women in business
  • Presence in presentations
  • Leadership presence


Cooperating trainers and institutes
Network Professional associations