Man's voice is his audible business card.

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Your voice: an audible business card

You want to present your subject to a group, make your point in a discussion – and suddenly you can't go on. No more air to get you to the happy end of the sentence. Your voice seems to have fallen into the cellar, it cracks or loses sound or even sounds monotonous – because you happen to be in the center of attention. You know that situation? You can gain control over it! Your voice transmits your state of mind all the time: whether you feel well or ill, at ease or uneasy. Even when you are not consciously thinking about of it during every day business, y our voice reflects your current "mood barometer" quite accurately. During a semi-private discussion with a colleague, it may be quite relaxed. But when you become conscious of the situation and need control over it, this is when it becomes critical. A healthy voice has a pleasant sound it carries well and can cope with pressure. It is variable and has its own melody – it comes across authentically. Together we can find the key to your true voice, and this will help you speak with confidence.


To do this I offer:

Voice Coaching

Bring poise and quality to the sound of your voice!

Voice coaching is recommended for people who want to improve their way of speaking and increase their voice potential. Firstly, you will consciously experience yourself speaking: How do you breathe? How do you stand? How does the melody of your voice sound? You will exercise your posture and confidence and optimize relevant everyday work situations: Team discussions, presentations, moderation or talks with clients, staff and applicants. You will learn to keep a flexible and full breathing rhythm and to consciously "listen" to yourself. This includes awareness of your appropriate physical tension and consciousness of your "inner" voice and posture, which will be expressed by the sound of your voice.

Voice Training

Aim for a better voice and speaking quality

Those who must speak a lot or use their voice professionally can specifically improve the quality of their speaking voice with voice training. I can offer you special measures in the following fields – either as in-house training or in workshops (per hour or day, in modularsequences):

  • Voice and communication in companies
  • Voice and speaking in presentations
  • Voice in conversation
  • Voice training for choir singers
  • Authentic presentation
  • Voice - power - success
  • Women's voice
  • Vocal self-awareness
  • Pleasure in the voice