He, who knows his goal, will find his way. (Laotse)

Dialog Trainings


Authentic and poised appearance

My trainings are designed to provide you with manifold stimulation and guidance to help you learn to speak with greater self-confidence communicate more clearly and thereby perform authentically and effectively. You will communicate mindfully and more consciously.

I offer you various trainings focusing on voice, communication, presence (lecturing) and personal development.
  • One- to three days' training
  • Follow-up
  • Workshops
  • Supplementary/structured training modules

Focal training points


Training and consultation

Talking to clients successfully

In my long-standing work with international management consultancies, I have developed specific programs for consultants and consulting companies. They offer insights into the following focal points:

  • Training the voice of the trainer
  • The consultant's voice
  • Amongst peers – a new role in your company
  • Presenting/moderating
  • Senior presence even for juniors
  • Under pressure! Staying alive and keeping up your presence
  • Giving and taking feedback
  • Communicating wisely and supportively with your team
  • Women in a men's world

Gender communication

Der kleine „sprachliche“ Unterschied – ein Stolperstein?

The fact that men and women misunderstand one another has a simple cause: they do not speak the same language. They use different words, attribute different meanings to them, use different grammar and voice melodies. When using the same words, they often mean or understand quite different things. Frequently, this proves to be a stumbling block, not only in private relations, but also in public, in professional life this may lead to real difficulties, often at the expense of minority groups or of the company's economic achievement. The proverbial "glass ceiling", keeping highly qualified women from senior management positions, lies to a considerable extent in those often unconscious language differences.

My offer: Gender Communication Training focuses on making men and women aware of such differences and making use of them –to the best advantage for the company or a common project.

  • Women in a men's world – gender communication training for women
  • Speak up! Voice training for women in executive functions and during presentations
  • Female leadership presence – advanced gender communication for women in leading positions
  • And it does work! Men and women in teams – gender communication for men and women

Presence Training

Presence, performance and personality

The "presence training" is suitable for all those wanting to explore the subjects "speech" and "lecture" more deeply, especially for presenters and lecturers and people in the public domain. Accordingly the training is divided into two modules: "speech competence" and "lecturing competence".

Speech competence

  • Linguistic analysis
  • Articulation
  • Speech flow
  • Breathing and pauses
  • Speech cadence, speech competence
  • Stability
  • Resonance
  • Persuasive power
  • Endurance
  • Voice melody, dynamics
Body language
  • Analysis of body language
  • Increase in authenticity
  • Posture and movement
  • Gestures
  • Facial expression

Lecturing competence

Structuring a lecture
  • Presenting
  • Beginning and ending
  • Structuring, drama/building up suspense
Challenges during lecturing
  • Different levels of knowledge in the audience
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Long sessions
  • Presenting other people's material
  • Large audiences
  • Set priorities
  • Use of media and tools
Leadership presence
  • My role as presenter
  • Seniority and credibility
  • Build up contact
  • Keep listeners' attention
  • Dealing with disturbances
  • Leadership quality in the lecture

Personal development

"Listen to your inner voice"

Personality and authenticity have a lot to do with intuition: having an acute feeling for attitudes and statements, and judging situations appropriately. Most of the time the gut knows long before the head tries to sort out the facts. Learn to listen better to your inner voice, to be more attentive to the messages your unconscious communicates.

  • The babble of voices within me – mindfulness and awareness of your inner voices
  • "back to nature" – meet your inner child again, outdoor training with individual coaching for people under permanent stress
  • First steps for change – modules with the following units:
    • Night walk – sharpen your senses
    • Walking in silence – listen inside you
    • Peak walking – focus on a target
    • Tree meditation and tree of life – reflection
    • Change of perspective – envision a goal