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My new book has been published in April 2015.



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Did you know …

... that 80% of all conflicts come about through poor communication?
(Eisberg-Modell der Kommunikation, vgl. Freud, Sigmund, Ruch Flyod L./Zimbardo, Philip G. et al.)

... that 93% of content is conveyed by non-verbal communication (voice and body language) and only 7% by words?
(Mehrabian, Albert, Studie „Silent Messages“, 1981)

... that body language is the fastest form of communication?

... that you cannot "not communicate"?

... that men and women have different forms of communication, which can already be identified and distinguished in children of nursery school age?
(Tannen, Deborah, Studie „Gender differences in topical coherence: Creating involvement in best friends’ talk“, 1990; Thorne, Barrie, „Gender Play: Girls and Boys in School“, 1993)



My new book is published:

Eva talks, Adam walks
A book for successful communication for women and men in business.

Language: German (English version is sheduled for 2016)
Hardback edition: 248 pages
EUR 19.95
Publisher: Goldegg Verlag; 1st edition (April 2015)
ISBN-10: 3902991429


Quote from the introduction:
The fact that women and men continue to misunderstand one another has a simple cause: they do not speak the same language. They use different words, put different meaning into them, use different grammar, and have different voice melodies. Even if each says the same thing, they often mean or understand something quite different.

This can be a frequent stumbling block, both in private relations and in the professional context. In the professional world it may lead to serious problem, often to the detriment of minorities or to the company's economic success.

The proverbial "glass ceiling", which keeps women off the executive management level, has, to a certain extent, to do with these often unconscious language differences.

Day of the Voice 2012

Cristina Muderlak welcomed numerous calls on the expert telephone line from people in the business world as well as from professionals from all fields, wanting detailed information about the voice and its effects on their activities. Initial questions about problems already encountered were answered as well as questions regarding the possibilities of optimizing one's own vocal effectiveness.


Mit Stimme zum Erfolg

As a guest speaker Cristina Muderlak was invited to speak about being „successful with your voice“ at BMW, Munich.