One cannot "not" communicate. (Watzlawik)

Dialog Kommunikation


Communication's effects and achievements

What comes across when I speak? Did my counterpart understand me? Does he actually listen? What need I do to get results? Communication is far more than just "talking to one another". Successful communication means interacting on several levels. Posture, body language, gesture, mimic and eye contact are decisive. But also the way you speak: volume, speed, modulation and liveliness. And last but not least being sensitivity and fairness play an important role. Learn to improve your communication within a team or with individuals and to even make routine conversations personal and authentic.


Coaching for communication

Increased clarity and self-confidence in dialogue

Communication takes place all the time and everywhere, nevertheless, it is not always easy. How do you get difficult issues across? How do you maintain your point of view? And what do you do when words suddenly fail?

In our communication coaching we use the holistic DIALOG model in which we play through various kinds of conversations and discussions in order to optimize them: Your communication with a team; in dialogue; in conflict situations; with your boss, colleagues or clients; in lectures and presentations. Our model focuses on the following:

  • Training for self-awareness and better awareness of others
  • Voice and speech techniques
  • Understanding and conscious use of body language
  • Learning process using video
  • Live analysis
  • Support of personality development
  • Team coaching and supervision
  • Findings in the theory of rhetoric and communication

Communication training

Present, speak, convey

Make your presentation interesting way, convey effectively, convince with charm, moderate with competence – and always stay in good contact with yourself. Practice now interacting successfully and speaking to the point. Our training deals with matters like presentations, team discussions, conflict discussions, negotiations, self-competence, "train-the-trainer" as well as "diversity and gender".

Current training offers

  • "And suddenly everybody is listening" – lecturing to a large or small audience
  • The freshman facing the old hand – senior demeanor also for juniors
  • From "habitual" to "accomplished" – presentation training for advanced trainees
  • A team learns how to speak – communication in team development
  • Ignite rather than snuff out – communicating as a leader
  • The babble of voices inside me – sensitive and conscious dealing with the inner voices
  • Women in men's territory –gender communication training for women
  • And it works after all! Men and women in the team – gender communication training for men and women